About the LAMBDA

LAMBDA is a laboratory whose focus is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education, culture and the dissemination of academic and scientific information.

In the area of culture, we have developed countless projects alongside the National Library, the Cultural Center for the Peoples of the Amazon, and Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation. Their focus has always been on the use of ICT to disseminate and store in an easily accessible and retrievable manner the digital versions of their image, text, audio, photographic archives, etc. 

LAMBDA develops and operates the Maxwell System, which is the PUC-Rio institutional repository. It holds theses and dissertations, undergraduate projects, periodicals, monographs, and a broad range of educational material. The system is linked to national and international digital libraries and institutional repositories via networks, and is classified in the Webometrics ranking as 238th in the world and 5th in Brazil. Over 1,400 repositories are classified from every continent.

Maxwell is also a distance education system, and serves not only to support classroom learning but also for distance learning courses. It was developed to be accessed by blind and partially sighted people.

LAMBDA has projects for the production of educational material for electrical engineering in which undergraduates participate actively, alongside professors, graduate students and staff.

Alongside its electrical engineering education projects, LAMBDA also has education projects in different science and technology areas. It has completed one project for a virtual museum and is in the process of developing another.

Contact Information
Lead Professor(s):
Ana Pavani

Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225, Prédio Cardeal Leme, 4º andar, Salas 413, 415 e 417

(+55 21) 3527-1223 
(+55 21) 3527-1224 


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