Students can opt for a concentration after dong the mandatory disciplines in the three areas that are common to all the electrical engineering degree courses, giving the foundation of knowledge on which to base their choice. 

Another important feature is that the curriculum is not just made up of mandatory disciplines, but includes a significant number of electives from the department and from other areas, related or not, allowing students to interact with colleagues from other concentrations or even other courses, while also giving a broader, more diversified educational experience.





Supplementary Activities

Short experimental activities (12-20 hours) 
Undergraduate Research Assistants

International Exchange

All the activities offered by PUC-Rio’s International Cooperation Department (CCCI) 
Ciência Sem Fronteiras (federal government grants for overseas study by Brazilian students of science)
Combined degree programs with Germany and France


Coordinator – Professor Guilherme P. Temporão –
Secretary – (+55 21) 3527-1203



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