The Department of Electrical Engineering at PUC-Rio has over 20 laboratories where research is conducted by our professors and where undergraduate students can get involved through undergraduate research projects, end-of-course assignments or supervised studies, or by participating in projects developed in conjunction with state-owned or private companies or financed by research funding agencies (CNPq, CAPES, FAPERJ, etc.). 

Alongside these laboratories, there are many other teaching laboratories and computer resources which can be used freely, since the use of computer systems and experimental activities is a key aspect of the training received by electrical engineering students. In the first semester, new students are already put in the place of an engineer, when they have to work in groups to solve a concrete problem proposed in the Introduction to Engineering discipline. At the end of the course, students must do a final project, completely solving an engineering problem under the supervision of a professor from the department, and an internship in a company, ideally an engineering firm. 

Electrical engineering students also have access to the Genesis Incubator and Empresa Júnior. The incubator provides the infrastructure students and recent graduates need to build their own businesses within the university, while Empresa Júnior is for the development of consultancy projects and activities for the market. The incubator supplies not just office space within its premises inside the university campus, but also offers legal and managerial support, press assistance, and supervision by professors.



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