The PUC-Rio Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering is an agent of social change through:

 The education and specialization of professionals at undergraduate and graduate levels and in continuing education and outreach, in collaboration with the other departments at PUC-Rio and other research and education institutions;
 Basic and applied research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary interaction, divulging and recording its results in appropriate manners;
 Partnerships with engineers, firms, schools and government, rendering development and advisory services, and organizing events and information centers.

The function of the graduate program in Electrical Engineering is the education of skilled human resources in conjunction with the creation of scientific and technological knowledge and its transfer to the worlds of business and academia. As one of the areas that most interacts with industry, the program offers a particularly broad range of research options. The faculty members are highly qualified, having been educated at leading institutions in other countries, for the most part, and also in Brazil.


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