Brief Background

Since 1993, ICA has been working in the development of decision support systems, attracting some of PUC-Rio’s best students and employing almost 100% of its doctoral students. Its team is currently made up of over 60 staff and 15 doctors. Situated in the Cardeal Leme building, it has three laboratories (total area of around 150 m²) where 80 people work, and three clusters (PCs and GPU). In 2013, ICA moves to bigger premises (around 240 m²) in the new NRCP building in the university campus.

Area of Work

ICA is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at PUC-Rio. It works in the development of technologies for smart decision support systems. It focuses on applied research and its swift transformation into technological products of interest to large Brazilian businesses. In its work, ICA galvanizes human resources and directs research towards the resolution of business problems, responding rapidly and flexibly to any customer request.


ICA’s mission is to supply decision support software in line with its customers business needs, which translates into enhanced competitiveness, quality, and cost reductions. Our solutions combine rapid development, innovation and flexibility so that the businesses that depend on software to support their key areas can obtain concrete results through improved processes.


ICA has extensive experience in the development and application of smart models to support decision processes in different areas, such as oil exploration and production, energy and nanotechnology. We conduct research and development in partnership with a wide range of companies, including Petrobras, TAG, Vale, ONS, Light, Plena, Furnas, Taesa, Souza Cruz, Eletrobrás, Embratel and PUC-Rio. ICA’s specialties include: smart inference, forecasting and optimization systems, economic and risk analysis under uncertainty, development of proxies under uncertainty, data processing and data mining, distributed and cooperative computing, synthesis and characterization of new nanometric devices.


ICA has its own laboratory equipped with the advanced computer infrastructure needed for its scientific research activities. Its collaborators have produced more than 350 articles, three books, 25 doctoral theses and 43 master’s dissertations. It also won four Petrobras Technology Awards in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

One of the main results achieved by ICA’s in its projects in partnership with Petrobras is the OCTOPUS system, which provides a decision support environment integrated to the E&P area, jointly optimizing the trajectory and location of wells using reservoir simulation. It also has SMARt, a modular decision support system for optimizing oil refinery scheduling, and CONFPETRO, a system for profiling human reliability for different oil industry areas.

ICA stands out in the electricity industry for its work in the areas of planning and operations, control, programming, generation, energy efficiency, distribution, commercialization, forecasting, risk analysis, environment, quality and human reliability, inference and modeling. The projects for this sector include: a smart decision support system for the recovery of losses by fraud and for the profiling of perpetrators of fraud, and a strategic planning support system for the commercialization of energy.

Contact Information

Lead Professor(s):
Marco Aurélio C. Pacheco e Marley Vallesco

Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225, Prédio Cardeal Leme, 6º andar, Sala 612 – Gávea, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

(+55 21) 3527-1207
(+55 21) 3527-1221
(+55 21) 3527-1634

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